Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed tells the extraordinary life story of Vertus Hardiman. It is a highly moving and vivid motion picture about the triumph of the human spirit. Additionally, the documentary exemplifies how the lives of two individuals were changed forever through an incredible friendship.

After singing next to each other in a church choir for over twenty years, Vertus finally reveals to Wilbert a tragic and horrific secret he was forced to conceal under a wig for seventy years. This sparked a journey of the heart, which occurred while unmasking Vertus’ lifelong suffering.

Human experimentation was a known reality throughout the early to mid-twentieth century in the United States. Often, people were used as human guinea pigs during these practices without their knowledge or consent. This film portrays the hidden but factual story of Vertus Hardiman, who at the age of five became the victim of such a medical experiment. The event left Vertus with a severe physical deformity, but did little to damage his virtuous character. In fact, Vertus endured his condition without anger or bitterness towards the perpetrators of the experiment.

Encouraged by his friend’s determination to share his story, Vertus set out with Wilbert to retrace what happened in 1927. You have the opportunity to follow their journey and witness an enthralling story of love and forgiveness.

Allstate Insurance pitchman Dennis Haysbert narrates the feature length documentary. The film is directed by Brett Leonard, a renowned Hollywood director who is among the most talented of his time.

Narrated By: Dennis Haysbert                                             Produced By: Wilbert Smith Ph.D.

Written By: Wilbert Smith Ph.D. & Brett Leonard                Directed By: Brett Leonard